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Custom Portraits from Photos

Personalized gift for all occasions ...

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Custom Portrait Art for All Occasions. Important Dates for Custom Portrait Art this year :

Valentine's Day
Feb 14
President's Day
Feb 15
Secretary's Day
Apr 21
Mother's Day
May 9
Father's Day
Jun 20
Father-in-law's Day
July 30
Grandparents' Day
Sep 12
Bosses' Day
Oct 15
Mother-in-law's Day
Oct 24
Veteran's Day
Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day
Nov 25
Christmas Day
Dec 25

Personalized portrait gift is also excellent choices as Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding and Baby Shower gifts.

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2) Some of my Favourite suff

Guzheng is also called table harp, a Chinese classical instrument. Below link is one of the my favourite Guzheng song, literal name of this piece is "Fighting Against the Wind". The sound effect is richer in this emsemble. The second clip is with violin, playing "Liang Zhu", kind of Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet. Enjoy!

I am also learning Japanese at the same time. It is a difficult language to master, but I am hanging in there. Here are 2 sites which I higly recommend for fellow Japanese learners.