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Custom Portraits from Photos

Personalized gift for all occasions ...

Join the Growing List of JustPortrait Resellers!

Are you in similar trade (arts and craft) and looking to increase your product portfolio? Maybe you are tired of working for someone else, and wish to be working on flexible time working for yourselves? Perhaps you are looking for a part-time job to supplement your income?

These are some profiles of some of our Resellers:

  • Ex-office working looking to be his own boss, and started to embark on new career. He has done an extensive search and found that JustPortrait’s wide variety of products suit him best
  • Currently selling 2D custom painting with a wide clientele base. Some of them asking for custom sculptures, and he found JustPortrait
  • He is current working full time, but feel a need to establish a side business just in case he loses his full time job or decide to retire early.
  •  Currently operating a custom frame shop and wanted to expand product portfolios. He ties up with JustPortrait for an exclusive right in the city. He provide custom frame to JustPortrait’s custom charcoal and oilpaintings. JustPortrait’s custom bust and sculptures help to broaden his product offerings.
  • Professional portrait photographer with an extensive list of customer base. He started to sound out the possibility of making turning their portrait into bronze, and started working with JustPortrait, initially as a repeat customer, and later being a Reseller
  •  Local trade-show vendor, primarily selling custom paintings, and see an opportunity to expand the business with custom portrait busts.

The list goes on and on. Start now and book your Territory now. We need to qualify your intention and business plan, please tell us your plan. We have a flexible business model that caters to your specific needs. Contact us NOW.

Benefit of being JustPortrait Reseller

Our aim is to form a long-term partnership and work closely with you to ensure that your business in sustainable.  Advantage of  JustPortrait Reseller:
  • Flexible business model to suit your need
  • Unique products and relatively untapped market
  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • Choose to work full time or part time
  • Attrative commissions, incentive plan
  • Exclusive territory, and first right of refusal
  • Product training and buesiness coaching
  • Customize products  for your own market
  • Possibility of forming your own reseller network