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Custom Portraits from Photos

Personalized gift for all occasions ...

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Commission a portrait art for all occasions. Important dates this year :

Valentine's Day
Feb 14
President's Day
Feb 15
Secretary's Day
Apr 21
Mother's Day
May 9
Father's Day
Jun 20
Father-in-law's Day
July 30
Grandparents' Day
Sep 12
Bosses' Day
Oct 15
Mother-in-law's Day
Oct 24
Veteran's Day
Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day
Nov 25
Christmas Day
Dec 25

Personalized portrait gift is also excellent choices as birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, baby shower gifts, and birth announcements!

Examples of commissioned  portrait arts as corporate gift/ awards:
  • Secretary's day figurine
  • Boss' day custom  caricature bust
  • Employee wedding or new born gifts: custom charcoal/oil painting
  • Retirement gifts: custom bust/ relief portrait or medallion
  • Commemorate founder or president with bronze custom bust/sculpture
  • Custom bust or sculpture as corporate award
  • Custom trophy for a job well done, quality award
  • Custom oil portrait as a present to corporate clients  
  • Custom bust/relief portrait as souvenir as repatriation gift
  • Custom bust or sculpture trophy for long service award or recognition for highest level of  professional achievements

Commission a Custom Portrait

This simple guide provides all the necessary information to commission portrait arts from us.

1) Types of Portrait to commission

Choose the following commissions: Custom clay portrait bust, bronze portrait bust, clay figurine, polymer clay custom figurine, custom charcoal black and white portrait, or custom oil portrait.  Drop us a line if you have any questions

2) Style and Sizes

Commission clay portrait sculpture:  Portrait bust or full body clay figurine, and different sizes.  Also available are artistic finish or faux bronze coating.
Commission bronze portrait sculpture:
Portrait bust up to life size
Commission polymer clay figurine:  About 6" in height, custom background available. Single of multiple subjects
Commission black & white (charcoal) portrait drawings:  We are currently offering one fixed size for black and white portrait painting, about 17.5x24.5 inches.
Commission oil portraits: We offer a few standard sizes, but do let us know if you would like to have a different size for your custom portrait.
Commission pet portraits: Available in either black and white drawing or oil painting
Commission family portraits: Available in either charcoal or oil painting
Commission wedding, engagement portraits: Available in charcoal and  oil.
Commission infant and children portrait: Available in charcoal and oil.

3)Photo Selection for Commission Portrait Art

Your photo selection is the most crucial factor of the final quality. Bear in mind, that you are most intimately familiar with the subject, and the only basis we have are the photos you sent.

For best effect, do provide us clear and high resolution photo taken under natural light. Make sure that the photos are current ones. This is especially important for teenagers as their are evolving.

Commission Clay or Bronze Portrait: The challenge for our master sculptor is to convert from a 2D photos into a 3D object. In order to do so, we need clear side profile of the subject.

  • Photos should be taken on eye-level
  • Front and side views (45/90 degree), from both sides
  • Try to take the picture from a distance of about 6-10 feet (2-3 meter) away
  • Subject should maintain a relax facial expression
  • It is best to send the original size if digital camera is used
  • Do be careful to maintain the original aspect ratio if you have to crop, to avoid proportional distortion
  • For best effect, we prefer the facial expression of the subject to be consistent from different angles
  • Tell us about the subject, his/her characters, so, the sculptor can incorporate these intangibles in the final artwork
  • Do send in as many photos as you can, in case you have difficulty taking new pictures of the subject. We will judge the degree of difficulty and advise you 
Illustrated below are 2 examples of good reference photos to achieve high likeness.
good reference photos for commission clay or bronze portrait clear picture for clay portrait bust

4) Send Your Photos for Free Consultation

Consultation for commission portrait art is free of charge. Contact and upload your photos now.
State clearly

  • what type of commission portrait you want us to make,
  • and describe the subject and give us as much background as possible

We will response to your enquiry within 2 days, and provide you with a quotation and indication of lead time.   A reference number will be provided to you, please quote this number in all future correspondences.

Caution: Likeness of portrait sculpture can be a very subjective issue. A portrait may look "exactly like the subject" to a third-party, but you might not be convinced.

5) Confirm Order and All Payments

Please indicate your confirmation of our order by email.  We need a deposit payment of 30% in order to start the work. Please understand that this is a custom order.

We prefer payments by PayPal Email Payment in Singapore Dollars. Referring to the explanation by PayPal below, we will send you an email invoice to your email, and you can pay by clicking the payment button in the email, for secured payment by credit card, bank account or PayPal balance.

PayPal Email Payment

6) Preview and Final Payment for Portrait Art

We will keep you informed of the progress. Once the order is done, we will send you a picture for your confirmation.  Final confirmation and payment is required before shipping.

We prefer payment by secured Paypal. Final balance with shipping fees will be invoiced through Paypal email payment.

We are very confident of our quality, however, there might be issues about likeness in sculpture (read Caution). We allow one modification on the portrait bust. Quick response is appreciated, especially for portrait sculpture, as the clay will dry in short time.

7) Shipping of Commission Portrait Art

Our shipping partner is TnT and EMS. Pricing does not include shipping fee. We will confirm the fee to your specific location through email.