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Custom Portraits from Photos

Personalized gift for all occasions ...

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Personalized Gift for All Occasions. Important Dates for Custom Portrait Art this year :

Valentine's Day
Feb 14
President's Day
Feb 15
Secretary's Day
Apr 21
Mother's Day
May 9
Father's Day
Jun 20
Father-in-law's Day
July 30
Grandparents' Day
Sep 12
Bosses' Day
Oct 15
Mother-in-law's Day
Oct 24
Veteran's Day
Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day
Nov 25
Christmas Day
Dec 25

Personalized portrait gift is also excellent choices as Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding and Baby Shower gifts.

Examples of commissioned  portrait arts as corporate gift/ awards:
  • Secretary's day figurine
  • Boss' day custom  caricature bust
  • Employee wedding or new born gifts: custom charcoal/oil painting
  • Retirement gifts: custom bust/ relief portrait or medallion
  • Commemorate founder or president with bronze custom bust/sculpture
  • Custom bust or sculpture as corporate award
  • Custom trophy for a job well done, quality award
  • Custom oil portrait as a present to corporate clients  
  • Custom bust/relief portrait as souvenir as repatriation gift
  • Custom bust or sculpture trophy for long service award or recognition for highest level of  professional achievements

Photo gallery

Enjoy Our Recent Custom Portrait Arts

These custom portrait arts are completed most recently. All commission clay portraits are accomplished with our unique QuickSculpt or Finesculpt techniques.  Higher resolutions files are available on request. Please request by contacting us.

QuickSculpt Custom Portraits

High likeness up to 90% are achieved with QuikSculpt custom portrait service. Our method is unique. Unlike traditional bust sculpting method, our portrait busts do not need an armature.
Personalized Gift: Clay Portrait Bust Sculptures - pic1
Custom Clay Portrait Bust Sculptures -pic4
Custom Clay Portrait Bust Sculptures -pic5
Custom Clay Portrait Bust Sculptures -pic6
Example of Custom Clay Portrait Bust Scultpures, Boy
Custom Clay Portrait Bust Sculptures -pic6
Personalized Gift: Custom Clay Portrait Bust Sculptures -pic7
Custom Clay Portrait Bust Sculptures Couple

QuickSculpt Custom Clay Figurines

Custom caricature portrait figurines and busts  are  also available on request.
Custom Portrait Clay Figurine
Custom Clay Figurine -pic8
Custom Clay Figurine Couple1
QuickSculpt Custom Clay Figurine

FineSculpt Custom Portraits

With FineSculpt, we are able to achieve about 95% likeness, paying attention to finer details. These custom portrait will be used for mold making for bronze or other medium.
Custom Clay Bust Sculptures -pic4
Custom Clay Bust Sculptures -pic5
Deng Xiao Ping Clay Bust Sculptures
President Obama Clay Bust Sculptures

Commission Charcoal Portraits

Custom Pet Portrait in Charcoal
Charcoal Custom Portrait Painting
JessicaAlba Portrait in Charcoal
Commission Children Portrait in Charcoal

Custom Oil Portraits

Custom Portrait Oil Painting
Custom Oil Portrait, Children
Custom Oil Portrait, Family

Polymer Clay Custom Bobblehead (figurines)