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Custom Portraits from Photos

Personalized gift for all occasions ...

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Fine art custom bas relief portraits (and high reliefs) for all Occasions. Important Dates for fine art personalized relief portraits as  gifts this year :

Valentine's Day
Feb 14
President's Day
Feb 15
Secretary's Day
Apr 21
Mother's Day
May 9
Father's Day
Jun 20
Father-in-law's Day
July 30
Grandparents' Day
Sep 12
Bosses' Day
Oct 15
Mother-in-law's Day
Oct 24
Veteran's Day
Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day
Nov 25
Christmas Day
Dec 25

Personalized high relief (bas/low relief) portraits  are also excellent choices as birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, baby shower gifts and birth announcements.

Examples of commissioned  portrait relief as corporate gift/ awards:
  • Employee wedding or new born gifts
  • Retirement gifts
  • Commemorate founder or president 
  • Custom corporate award
  • Custom trophy for a job well done, quality award
  • Custom present to corporate clients  
  • Repatriation gift
  • Long service award or recognition for highest level of  professional achievements

Affordable Custom Relief Portraits (Bas and High)

custom bas relief portrait in progress, original clay and color finished Customized relief portraits from your photos. You envisioned it and together we realize a truly unique personalized art. Maybe it is a special piece of art you have seen somewhere and wanted  it in your home? Just take a picture and we will make it to your own liking.

High relief is about 2" from the highest protrusion, and low relief is about 1/2" high. We first start by making it in clay.  You specify the final material (resin or bronze) and the finishing, either color or bronze (antique look). Background and frame is embedded in any size you wish!

Custom low relief portrait in bronze, framed
Custom relife portrait arts are suitable for all occasions. Just imagine a 3D oil or bronze painting. In the example on the left, our customer wanted to freeze the moment little Johnny "touching" his baby sister, a special bonding between mother, brother and sister!

A frame is embedded in the portrait, but it looks even more special with a wooden frame.

The final creation will be shipped anywhere in the world, with professional packing. Order custom relief portraits from here.

Pricing for Fine Art Custom Relief Portraits

Pricing depends on various factors such as: relief type (high or low), size with embedded frame, number of subjects, complexity of background, final material (resin or bronze) etc. Send us your photos for obligation free quotation.

Custom high relief portrait in clay
High relief custom portrait in clay
color relief painting (acrylic or oil)