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Custom Portraits from Photos

Personalized gift for all occasions ...

Custom Bronze Bust (Portrait) Urn

Custom portrait urn, bronze, one-piece, shoulder cavity

Fully customized portrait urns for your loves ones or pets. Various form design available for your specific needs. Large cavity with a single life size bust urn, such as the example on the left.

Design of bust portrait urns start from clay originals. After confirmation of clay draft, then we will mold and cast into materials of choice, such as bronse, resin, marble or stone.  For bust urns, bronze cast has the largest cavity possible .

Small size portrait urns are ideal as a keepsake for generations.

Pricing for Custom Bust Urn

Pricing of custom bust urns depend on size, material and form design.  Send us your photos for obligation free quotation.

Custom sculpture urn, portrait with cavity base
Custom pet urn sculpture