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Custom Portrait from Photo

Personalized gift for all occasions ...

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Slideshow image: commission portrait arts (portrait sculpture and portrait paintings)

Join JustPortrait's growing list of Reseller Network! Looking for part-time or full time job selling custom portrait and sculpture products?  Talk to us to discuss the products suitable to your area. Exclusive country-wide rights outside USA, in which we award state or region-wide Reseller rights. 

Important dates to remember to commission portrait and figurative arts this year :

Valentine's Day
Feb 14
President's Day
Feb 15
Secretary's Day
Apr 21
Mother's Day
May 9
Father's Day
Jun 20
Father-in-law's Day
July 30
Grandparents' Day
Sep 12
Bosses' Day
Oct 15
Mother-in-law's Day
Oct 24
Veteran's Day
Nov 11
Thanksgiving Day
Nov 25
Christmas Day
Dec 25

Personalized clay portrait sculptures and custom paintings are also excellent choices as Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding and Baby Shower gifts.

Why Us?

We are passionate about our work and will strive to exceed your expectations. Your benefits:

  • Service oriented artist!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • 100% hand-made
  • High quality
  • Affordable prices
  • Secure online payment
  • Easy ordering process
  • World-wide delivery

Examples of commissioned  portrait arts as corporate gift/ awards:
  • Secretary's day figurine
  • Boss' day custom  caricature bust
  • Employee wedding or new born gifts: custom charcoal/oil painting
  • Retirement gifts: custom bust/ relief portrait or medallion
  • Commemorate founder or president with bronze custom bust/sculpture
  • Custom bust or sculpture as corporate award
  • Custom trophy for a job well done, quality award
  • Custom oil portrait as a present to corporate clients  
  • Custom bust/relief portrait as souvenir as repatriation gift
  • Custom bust or sculpture trophy for long service award or recognition for highest level of  professional achievements
  • Custom dog figurine as urn topper
  • Custom keychains as sourvenior in trade shows or commenrate company anniversary
100% satisfaction guaranteed for commission portraits (clay, bronze, figurine, charcoal, family portrait, pet portrait)

Use paypal to commission clay bronze portrait and others

Original oil Paintings and black and white paintings for sale

Personalized Portrait Arts

Commission a Bronze Custom Portrait Sculpture Bust (or custom bronze portrait commissions) Boy and Girl, famous peopleCustom bronze portrait urns, personalized keepsake urnsCommission a Bronze Custom Portrait Sculpture Bust (or custom bronze portrait commissions) Boy and Girl, famous peopleAffordable custom bronze and marble figurative sculptures, custom marble sculpture, indoor or outdoor bronze sculptures
Bronze BustsPortrait Urns Resin BustsLife Size Sculpture
Commission a Bronze Custom Portrait Sculpture Bust (or custom bronze portrait commissions) Boy and Girl, famous peopleAffordable custom stainless steel sculptures from photosAffordable custom bronze pet portrait sculpture, bronze or resin animal sculptures, up to life sizeAffordable custom digital bust sculpture, 3D digital sculpture of Magaret Thatcher
Pet Dog BustsStainless SteelLife Size Dog Custom 3D Bust
Affordable custom bronze statues, larger than life bronze bust, commissioned bronze sculpturesCommission Affordable Custom Sculpture Trophy as Corporate giftJessica Alba Custom Relief portrait with oil painting finishingCustom retirement gifts
Bronze StatuesPewter TrophiesRelief SculptureRetirement Gifts
Custom dog figurine, cat figurine, pet figurines from photos resin materialCustom bronze figurines, 12 inch bronze or resin figurines, realistic 1/6 scale figures in bronze finishSports Mascot, Custom mascot figurinescustom corporate awards, sales awards, souveniors
Animal FigurinesRealistic FigurinesMascot FigurinesCorporate Awards

Welcome to Just Portraits, a webshop based in Singapore. We specialize in turning your  photos  into vivid 2D and 3D commission portrait arts. Commission portrait art deserves a place in your on gift list.  Resellers are welcomed here as well. We are open to be your partner in co-developing new products based on current or new product lineup of ours. Flexible business model and pricing scheme ensure that our partners grow with us.

Check out our new and exciting addition the sculpture product lineup. Custom Bronze Statues are larger than life sculptures typically for city park or monumental park.  We undertake large size figurative bronze sculptures for outdoor projects, such as complete water features  or part of  water fountain in large shopping centers.
Pet and Family Bronze Portrait Urns are fully customized  in sizes (bust and cavity), including smaller custom  keepsake urns.
Have you ever been inspired by an elegant piece of abstract art in a museum, auction, or private gallery, that having it in your home is never a thought. Now you can, send us photos, and we can duplicate or customize the abstract sculpture to your specification. Original and Custom Abstract Sculptures in bronze , resin, or cast marble.
For companies looking to create high visual impact on their productd or mascotd, we provide Custom Commercial Sculptures, suitable for outdoor display (bronze or resin). Besides bronze, we recently added a new partner to enable Custom Stainless Steel Scuptures.
Other recent addtion include a lot of  Original Bronze Sculptures and Oriental Antique Bronze replicas, bronze Decorative Sculptures for your new home, office, or restaurants. Original bronze sculptures are guaranteed one of its kind, from established sculptures in the region. Don't forget to check out Custom Pet or Animal Sculptures.
Custom Bronze Bust and Clay Portrait: Custom Hall of Fame Busts,  and Portrait  sculpture are truly a special form of gift that last for ages.  With  QuickSculpt method, we are able to create clay portrait busts with high likeness in very short time.  FineSculpt technique further enhances the portrait details. 
Low or High Relief Portraits, with color or bronze finishes. Our  color relief is like  a 3D oil painting. This is only possible because our sculptor is also an accomplished oil painter. Relief portraits are made from clay, with an embedded frame.  It arrives your home ready to be hung on the wall.
Custom Bronze Figurative Sculpture: Perhaps you would like to capture your special moment in figurative form instead? Maybe you are inspired by the King of Pop, and wanted to re-capture his special Thriller moment? Choose final cast in either resin or bronze with patination of your choice.
Custom dog sculpture or dog figurines from 6" to life size. Commission a dog figurine for your  beloved pet. Dog figurine in resin, suitable on top of pet urn. Custom color of existing breed is possible.
Custom Caricature Bust: (3D cartoon face) is characterized by its big-head-small-body feature. It also allows a lot of degree of freedom, to make the subject in realistic or more humorous style.   It helps if you could give a description of the subject, to let us know the him/her character better.
Busts of Famous People: Bring home your heros! Commission a portrait bust of  famous people who inspire you. We have created many timeless busts of famous es-Presidents, movie stars, philosophers, scientists, and movies heros for our customers. Some of these busts can be readily made available to you.  
Custom Look-alike Figurines are maintenance free. We offer a big-head figurines (15-18cm) or bobbleheads, as well as one-sixth figurines (1:6 scale, 20/30cm).Choose from standard pose catalog or order fully customized pose.These custom look-alike figurines are popular as cake toppers, wedding and office gifts. Both single and bulk orders are possible, do indicate it in the order form. Order custom keychain in large quantities to commemerate a corporate function or community events. Keychain can me  customized in resin or metal material.
Custom Sculpture Trophies: Don't settle for common stockc designs, especially it  is an occasion of special signifant to your corporate or organization. Commision a special bronze sculpture trophy to commemorate special occassions.  
Custom Charcoal Portrait: We use charcoal for black and white portrait. With unique blending technique, we turn your photo into a special custom fine art charcoal portrait drawings. Turn your favorite photos into custom infant portraits, children portraits and pet dogs (cat, horse) portraits!
Custom Fine Art Oil Portrait Painting: is done one layer at a time, and the end result is in the fine detailing. Because of this, the order lead time will be longer than a month. Customers commission family portrait or pet portraits from us.
We currently offer: high quality and affordable custom bronze and faux bronze sculpture busts,  bas (low) and high relief portraits, custom figurative sculpture, caricature bus, 3D cartoon faces,  figurines in polymer clay, custom oil portrait and B&W (charcoal) portrait drawings, all beautifully done to your exact specifications.
Check out our custom portraits gallery page for recent made-to-order portrait art orders.  Our artists are  especially skillful in capturing the spirit of the subjects. We are also constantly expanding our portfolio of high quality portrait arts.

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